Secretariat Staff & Contact Information

The Center for Health and Aging within The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) served as the Secretariat for the Pacific Health Summit from its conceptualization in 2004 to its concluding meeting in 2012. As Secretariat, NBR held programmatic and fiduciary responsibility for all aspects of the meeting.

Established in 1989, NBR is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution dedicated to informing and strengthening policy in the Asia-Pacific. The mission of NBR’s Center for Health and Aging (CHA) is to facilitate constructive dialogue between science, industry, and policy and conduct research that highlights unique opportunities to improve health through creative policy and cross-sector collaboration.

Members of the Summit Secretariat team included:

Toshie Ando, Special Advisor

Joyce Baltazar, Designer

Michael Birt, Executive Director

Brian Hutchinson, Project Associate

Seema Kapoor, Project Associate

Jacqueline Koch, Media Relations Coordinator

Jilan Liu, Special Advisor

Carolyn Roper, Executive Assistant & Event Logistics

Nualchan Sakchalathorn, Senior Project Director

Claire Topal, Managing Director

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