Format, Geographical Focus, & Venue Location

No doubt, this was a different kind of setting for us … definitely not the usual monotonous discussions. Rather, the interactive sessions were very interesting and showcase the Summit’s unique ability to connect science, industry and policy. ... The Pacific Health Summit has also given me an opportunity to interact and build synergies with compelling people from really diverse fields.

Suresh Jadhav, Executive Director, Serum Institute of India


Summit Sessions are structured to foster dynamic panel discussions and highly interactive audience participation. Panelists serve as “discussion catalysts” and are given a few minutes each at the start of sessions to initiate lively and productive dialogue with the whole group. PowerPoint is not permitted.

Discussion based, the sessions’ principle aim is to determine, “What actions can and should the people in the room take now?” As such, sessions focus on the forward-looking big picture, while acknowledging practical realities.

Geographical Focus

The vision for the Pacific Health Summit originated from observations that technological advancements in Asia and the Pacific region could transform healthcare from a reactive model to a preventive one. The Summit has since grown to address the effects of health challenges in regions across the globe, focusing worldwide on innovation and opportunities. By convening leaders from diverse locales, the Summit’s name has become synonymous with utilizing global forces for a healthier future.

Please visit the participants and demographics pages for past participants, and economies and sectors represented.


Seattle was the location for the first five annual Summit meetings. It is the city where the Summit was initially conceptualized, and it is home to a deep global health community. While Seattle continued to be our anchor and home for the Secretariat, we listened to feedback from participants who requested we consider other locations. London, as a central geographical hub and the home of our co-presenting partner, the Wellcome Trust, was a natural selection. The 2010 and 2012 Summit annual meetings were held in London.

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