What Participants Are Saying

94% of 2010 & 2011 survey respondents said their Summit experience directly resulted in new connections, partnership, and/or collaborations for them or their organizations.
The Summit represents for me that conscious moment in the year where I can sit down with colleagues to think as partners, to act as partners.

Paul Stoffels, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson

The Pacific Health Summit isn’t just where things start. It’s where they pick up speed.

Wim Leereveld, Chair & Founder, Access to Medicines Foundation

Why do I come to the Pacific Health Summit? I connect with people I would otherwise not meet. It allows us to put all our needs on the table, identifying solutions together. The setting is more intimate, enabling more profound friendships and partnerships to take root. The kind of peer pressure one experiences at the Summit helps everybody evolve.

M.K. Bhan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Ministry of Science & Technology

The Summit emphasized for all of us the necessity of not standing on the sidelines... The friendships and partnerships that resulted are helping to move healthcare from being our greatest modern cost to becoming our greatest modern asset.

William Castell, Chairman, Wellcome Trust

The Pacific Health Summit is one of the most interesting meetings for me. ...I meet people I would not normally be able to meet in one place. It is a goldmine of ideas - that's the value added.

Peter Piot, Director, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The most important outcomes of the Summit are often unknown. They derive from the relationships developed year after year between world leaders with the vision, determination, and resources to solve major health problems. The solutions and collaborations develop in the hallways.

Lee Hartwell, Chief Scientist, Center for Sustainable Health, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University

People here will leave with an action item. ...Things happen.

David Boyd, Director, European Government & Public Affairs, GE Healthcare

The Pacific Health Summit is a safe haven for people from different worlds to have a conversation they can't have anywhere else.

Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, UK Department of Health

Comments From Anonymous 2012 post-Summit Survey

I was able to meet a lot of other thought leaders in the space, and got a chance to see possible areas of collaboration, learn about similar efforts, and have my thinking about our work challenged.

I have made a number of connections with groups and entities that I would never have met otherwise.

The Summit provided valuable perspectives that I had not previously considered.

Comments From Anonymous 2011 post-Summit Survey

I very much appreciate the multiple new connections I made as a result of the Summit. As a new CEO, it was great to meet the top players in the field.

The Summit was critically useful for interacting directly with leaders who can make a difference and who have the authority to make things happen.

Most important to me were the unscripted moments. That includes the luxurious downtime during which hallway conversations started and concrete ideas took shape.

I loved the way that everyone's opinion was treated as important; everyone was happy to chat. That all the ‘who’s who’ of vaccines were under one roof was overwhelming, but very exciting.

The Summit allowed me to resume older, and establish new, relationships with multiple key global vaccine stakeholders. Such relationships will bring historical opportunities to China’s vaccine industry, helping it contribute meaningfully to world healthcare in the very near future.

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