Universal Health Care: Resource Page

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Resource page provides an archive of information and international resources on issues pertaining to UHC, with links to important organizational and literature websites, reports, and ongoing initiatives.

UHC Research and Background Information

The UHC Research and Background Information page is a collection of online resources focused on issues which impact universal health coverage around the world. The page includes reports from international policy organizations and information on financing mechanisms for UHC. It also contains documents which pertain to particular components of discussions surrounding UHC, including health systems strengthening, mixed health systems, policy and governance support, and the integration of vaccines and new technologies in UHC packages.

Case Studies

The Case Studies page highlights particular countries that have achieved UHC. The studies delve into particular aspects of existing UHC systems, highlighting the in-country process that occurred in making the transition to a UHC model. Many also examine inherent long-term challenges that remain in creating sustainable financing mechanisms and providing truly equal access to all citizens.

Organizations Working in Universal Health Coverage

The Organizations Working in UHC page provides information and links to organizations making efforts to disseminate knowledge about, and provide research regarding ways to effectively achieve UHC. The page highlights key organizations from across sectors with programs promoting Universal Health Coverage.

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