Vaccines: Resource Page

This page provides an archive of information and international resources on issues pertaining to vaccines, with links to important organizational and literature websites, reports, evolving developments, and ongoing initiatives.

International Policy and Resources

The International Policy and Resources page provides comprehensive policy information and international resources on issues surrounding global immunization strategy. Key resources include reports, policy guidelines, and strategies, and links to key organizations establishing and implementing immunization policies.

Research and Development

The Research and Development page highlights recent innovations in the vaccine community. Resources include articles on vaccine development, delivery, and technologies, and links to key vaccine development agencies and organizations.


The Finance page consolidates information and literature on finance and investment strategies for immunization. The page also contains key literature on the economics of immunization, and resources for innovative immunization financing strategy, partnerships, organizations, and mechanisms.

Advocacy and Communication

The Advocacy and Communication page provides links to information on the importance of vaccines in the prevention of diseases, including vaccine advocacy programs, public education resources, key advocacy organizations, as well as articles outlining effective methods of communicating the value of immunization to decision-makers and the general public.

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