Affordability and Technologies for Health:
Resource Page

The Affordability and Technologies for Health Resource page provides an archive of information and international resources on issues pertaining to health technologies, with links to organizations working in R&D, policy, and uptake of technologies.

Research and Development

The Research and Development page is a collection of online resources that focus on issues that impact the discussion surrounding affordability and technologies in health. The page includes reports from international policy organizations, information on financing and sustainability mechanisms, and challenges surrounding the uptake and efficacy of new technologies in developing country settings. It also contains focused documents on particular technologies for health, including diagnostics, telemedicine, and mobile phone applications.

Organizations Working in Affordable Technologies for Health

The Organizations page provides information and links to organizations bringing innovative perspectives, ideas, and products to bear on the world’s most pressing issues in health. The page highlights key organizations from across sectors that work in internet communication technologies; funding; policy for technology; water, and sanitation; health care delivery; mobile phones; diagnostics; and R&D of new drugs and vaccines.

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