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The objective of the Nutrition Lab is to compile research and resources, and convene outcome-oriented meetings for those who are dedicated to tackling nutrition related problems. We place special emphasis on the dual issues of malnutrition and obesity, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Additional resources highlight the importance of maternal, pre-natal, and early childhood nutrition, indispensible foci in the discussion to promote a healthy international community.

The work of our Nutrition Lab directly contributed to the agenda and content of the 2008 Pacific Health Summit: "The Global Nutrition Challenge: Getting a Healthy Start."

2008 Summit Interim Roundtables


  • The Global Nutrition Challenge: Getting a Healthy Start
    A report from the 2008 Pacific Health Summit held in Seattle. The Summit focused on the complex challenge of too little of the right nutrition for vulnerable populations and the rapidly emerging health threat of too much of the wrong nutrition in both the developed and developing worlds, as well as the special challenge of ensuring a “healthy start” for children by focusing on maternal and infant nutrition.
  • Undernutrition: Creating New Responses
    A summary report from the February 15 Roundtable workshop held in Tokyo by the NBR Center for Health and Aging, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Roundtable convened 50 leaders to discuss effective policy, medicinal, and business interventions: including new financing mechanisms, investing in food science, and strengthening education.
  • Obesity, Associated Diseases, and Personal Health: Addressing the Global Nutrition Challenge
    A summary report from the April 7 Summit Roundtable held in London, co-presented by NBR and the Wellcome Trust. 60 cross-sector leaders were convened to discuss the rapidly emerging threat of obesity, and corollary repercussions on health in developed and developing nations. Among other topics, panels addressed the social and financial costs of the obesity epidemic, and the challenge of incentivizing healthy behavior.
  • Obesity Prevention and Control Efforts in Singapore
    A 2008 case study that outlines policies and programs designed to prevent and control obesity and associated diseases in Singapore.
  • Scaling Up and Sustaining Nutrition Interventions: Lessons Learned from Success in the Asia-Pacific Region
    This report outlines experiences, opportunities, and lessons learned in scaling up interventions in the Asia-Pacific region to address the global burden of undernutrition. The white paper examines key determinants of success in the nutritional programs of individual countries, including Bangladesh, China, India, and Nepal.

Online Resources

Nutrition Resource Page
An online resource page, which provides an archive of information and international resources on issues pertaining to nutrition, with links to important organizational and literature websites, reports, private sector engagement, nutrition journals and ongoing initiatives.

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