Nutrition: Resource Page

The Nutrition Resource page provides an archive of information and international resources on issues pertaining to nutrition, with links to important organizational and literature websites, reports, private sector engagement, and ongoing initiatives.

International Policy and Resources

The International Policy and Resources page is a collection of online resources focused on issues which impact health outcomes of populations around the world. The page includes reports which key in on integral issues in discussions about nutrition: breastfeeding, micronutrient deficiencies, maternal and child nutrition, supplementation and fortification, the “nutrition transition,” diabetes and obesity, and the effect of infectious disease on nutritional requirements.

Organizations Working in Nutrition

The Organizations Working in Nutrition page provides information and links to international organizations making efforts to disseminate knowledge about, and implement solutions to, challenges in nutrition. The page highlights key organizations across sectors with programs promoting awareness of, and drawing attention to, pertinent issues.

Private Sector Engagement

The Private Sector Engagement page highlights public-private partnerships that are working toward improving nutritional outcomes. The page includes links to targeted efforts by private sector companies in areas of nutrition, including obesity reduction, micronutrient deficiencies, education, and research.

Nutrition Journals

The Journals page links to literature websites with articles pertaining to the latest research findings and developments in fields of nutrition, agriculture practices, food manufacturing, policy, etc.

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